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FAQ for Scooter Sellers

We put your listing in front of the eyes of those ONLY looking to purchase a scooter. Unlike Craigslist and other classified sites, this site is SCOOTER-specific. It’s fast, easy and our Basic Listing is even FREE! If you’re looking to sell your used scooter, listing with us is a simple choice to make.


  1. Select a Listing Package here
  2. Enter in the relevant information per your Listing Package
  3. Pay for your listing
  4. BOOM → You’re listed!

The make, model, mileage and current condition of your scooter will all have an impact on how much it’s worth. Luckily, you can find out an accurate estimate for yours here!

Once you have paid for a listing, it will be posted for the amount of time specified in your specific Listing Package. How long your scooter stays on the market will depend on the time of year, your location, the popularity of your scooter’s make, and a variety of other factors.

Our Tips:

  • Give yourself time. Listing your scooter when you have only a few days to sell because you are graduating is not effective. We recommend at least an Premium Listing with multiple pictures and details for a minimum of 30 days on the market.
  • Get the price right the first time. Listings that are priced too high simply won’t sell! Take a quick glance at what others are selling their scooters for and make sure you aren’t too high or too low.
  • Use good pictures. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer, your smartphone pics will work just fine, but make sure the images are clear and not blurry.
  • Clean your scooter. Make sure that your scooter isn’t caked in mud and that it is free from dirt and other ‘road grime.’

You can increase the chance of a faster sale by selecting an Enhanced or Certified Listing Package.

Because we give sellers the ability to set their own price, we can’t guarantee a sale, but we believe that if the scooter is priced correctly and everything functions correctly on the scooter, you won’t have a problem selling.

Because the $50 covers our technicians time to inspect the scooter during the certification process, we cannot refund it in the event your scooter does not pass inspection. However, in the event your scooter doesn’t pass the certification inspection, you will be given the opportunity to repair those related items to satisfy the certification. You can also download our inspection sheet and look over these components yourself before coming into the dealership.

Sorry.  No.  One of our requirements is that every scooter is in working condition.

No.  Again, all scooters listed on BuyMyScooter.com must be in working condition.

No.  If you have lost the title and sell the scooter without properly transferring it to the new owner, you are still liable for that scooter.  If you lost the title, you can visit the Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office to retrieve another one.  You will need your driver’s license, scooter information, and the mileage of the scooter.

BuyMyScooter.com is simply the medium used to connect you to the buyer.  You negotiate your own deal and meet with the buyer to complete the purchase.  Please be sure to do these things when selling a used scooter to someone:

  • Visit with the buyer during the day.
  • Have a friend with you.  Your safety is a priority for us!
  • Show the buyer that your scooter is a good scooter.  Start it.  Run it.  Drive it in front of them.  Show them that all bulbs and other components are in working condition.  if something is not working, BE HONEST.  Disclose any and all issues.
  • We recommend showing the buyer that the scooter is in great operating condition by driving the scooter in front of them.  We do not recommend letting the buyer ‘test drive’ the scooter.  Many scooterists are first-time scooterists and you wouldn’t want them to damage your scoot, or worse, on your scooter.
  • When the buyer is ready to move forward with the purchase, you need to collect your payment and fill out the title.  Completely fill out the bottom of the front of the title.  You will see a place to fill out the buyer’s name, address, date, mileage, and signatures.
  • Remove the perforated white portion of the title at the top.  Fill out the back side and mail it to the address listed.  This let’s the State of Florida know that you have sold the scooter.  When completely filled out, give the title to the buyer.
  • Complete a Bill of Sale and give this to the buyer along with the title.
  • Remove your license plate.  Do not let the buyer leave with your license plate.
  • If possible:  We recommend going to the Tax Collector’s Office with the buyer to ensure that the scooter and ownership transfers from your name.  

FAQ for Scooter Buyers

Look. We get it! New Scooters 4 Less was built by college students, so you don’t have to explain to us about ‘college budgets.’ If you can afford to purchase a new scooter, then of course we recommend it. 1. They are new.  2. They come with complete warranties to protect you if something should go wrong. There is a lot of benefit to that… BUT…

We created THIS site to help make sure that college students (or anyone else for that matter) wouldn’t get screwed over when buying a used scooter from someone. So, if you are going to buy a used scooter anywhere, we definitely recommend this site! We have vetted the used scooters to ensure quality. Start with those scooters that have been CERTIFIED, as these sellers went the extra mile to show that their used scooter is a quality unit.

In Florida, this depends on the size of the motor. As long as the motor scooter is under 50cc and you have a standard driver’s license, you do not need a motorcycle driver’s license. Please note that this law can vary by state, so please check with your local law enforcement agency.

No. You are not required to have insurance for your motor scooter. But, if you are interested in getting your motor scooter insured, give us a call and we can give you information that will help.

Sorry.  We cannot ensure the quality of every scooter listed on our site.  We allow all individuals to list their scooters and have little control over how well the scooter was cared for.  For this reason, we recommend purchasing a Certified Listing, because these scooters came to the New Scooters 4 Less dealership and have had all the core components of the scooter inspected.  You may also purchase an extended warranty for a Certified Used Scooter for additional assurance.

Contact the seller directly via their preferred method of contact.  BuyMyScooter.com is simply the medium used to connect you to the seller.  You negotiate your own deal and meet with the seller to complete the purchase.  Please be sure to do these things when purchasing a used scooter from someone:

  • Visit the seller during the day when visibility is good and you can see the entire scooter.
  • Go with a friend.  Your safety is a priority for us, on AND off the scooter.
  • Ask to see the scooter run and ask if their are any known problems.  You are buying their scooter!  Please make sure it works!  Check all bulbs, brakes, and other components to make sure everything is in working order.  If it is a scooter from the Certified section of our site, we have already checked these components.
  • Make sure the seller has the title.  The seller needs to completely fill out the bottom of the title when selling you the scooter and give you this title.
  • Make sure the seller fills out a Bill of Sale.
  • You will then need to go to the Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office with these two documents and register your scooter.
  • Make sure the seller removes their license plate.  Do not drive the scooter with the seller’s license plate on the scooter.  The Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office will provide you with your own license plate and registration.
  • Need help installing your license plate?  Just swing by New Scooters 4 Less and we will put it on for you!
  • If possible:  We recommend going to the Tax Collector’s Office with the seller to ensure that the scooter and ownership transfers from their name to yours.


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