About Us

A little bit about BuyMyScooter.com


Brought to you by the trusted team at New Scooters 4 Less (NS4L), the purpose behind BuyMyScooter.com is simple: To connect individuals looking to purchase a used scooter with those individuals selling a used scooter.

Our site makes it fast and easy to list your used scooter for sale, or to search for a scooter to buy based on make, model and price.


We believe that by making BuyMyScooter.com THE PLACE to search, find, and buy a used scooter, that scooter owners (especially college students that will be graduating and needing to sell their scooters soon) will make a greater effort to properly care and maintain their scooters. In short, we’re boosting Gainesville’s scooter culture even more by making sure the used scooter market is a quality one.

The team at New Scooters 4 Less responsible for BuyMyScooter.com is truly passionate about one thing, creating the Ultimate Customer Experience for buyers AND sellers. That means we’ve made our site as user-friendly as possible and super easy to navigate. Don’t be fooled by the “Dot Com” in our name, you can always reach a real, live, friendly employee by calling us at (352) 336-1271 should you have any questions.

We also offer extended warranties and Certified Listings in order to offer as much protection as possible for customers buying used scooters. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a scooter, you’ll be glad you chose BuyMyScooter.com!


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